Dr. Languell is a subject matter expert, has extensive “boots on the ground” construction knowledge, and is entertaining.  We can save you time, energy and money by accelerating your understanding of green building, sustainable development, and the certification process. We provide introductory seminars, customized education sessions, certification comparisons, and CEU's. 

With more than 20 years of experience, Trifecta Construction Solutions, headed by president Dr. Jennifer Languell, has helped clients from across the country identify the sustainability goals that correspond to their business, project and regional needs by successfully implement programs that deliver on-time and on-budget results.

Sustainable development, green building, and energy conservation require a comprehensive systems approach when addressing the the financial demands of business, changing federal, state and local regulations, updated green building standards and consumer demands.  There is no single solution to implementing green building practices or creating a sustainability plan because each project and environment is unique.

Speaking testimonials

We've been discussing it around the office and it is clear you are one of our favorite & best presenters...and here's why:

  1. The content & presentation was complete. You have it extremely well organized. You set up the presentation, you kept to the structure, and you wrapped it up very well. 
  2. You presentation style is excellent. You are obviously comfortable with presenting and know your content. When you hit a slide, you are sharing insight that goes along WITH the slide. You kept it simple and straight forward. This kept the audience engaged and they were able to follow you the whole way...and as you know with webinars, that isn't easy.
  3. You KNOW your materials. We have some of the best speakers around and you were better than most (if not all). The presentation was detailed and clear, and as you cruised through it, the info was informative and very educational. But when it came to the questions, you hit every question like you were expecting it. Sometimes I ask a speaker a question and they'll dance around a response or not have one. Today, you were spot on each time. I look forward to watching you get more and more exposure nation-wide. You are a great speaker and a wealth of knowledge.

Thanks again for participating today. Please let us know when you are ready to share something else with our audience...we'll be ready!

Scott Donnelly, GreenExpo365.com
GreenExpo365 Webinar

“Great job on the briefing yesterday. I really appreciate your perspective and putting the practical perspective out in the public eye.”

Power Up! Conference

“It was a pleasure hearing you speak in Baltimore this past Monday. You were the most informative (and most fun) speaker I hear during the conference! I am a late comer in the realm of energy efficiency and aligned topics, but better late than never.”
Scott M. Ditman, Project Manager at Willow Construction, LLC
National Facilities Management & Technology Conference

“Dr. Languell, I want to  take this time to thank you for coming and speaking to our staff.   Everyone was talking all day long on how great your presentation was and that you where the best speaker we had all year.” 

Terry Cerullo
Environmental Administrator
Ombudsman / Outreach
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Building Officials Association of Florida Conference

 Subject Matter Expertise/ Speaking

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