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Since 2007 Stacy Ossowicz has worked as the Vice President of Operations for Trifecta. With over 20 years in the environmental industry in various aspects,  she brings a full spectrum of knowledge to the position from the horizontal development of land to the vertical development of the structures as well as administrative and financial knowledge.   

She oversees projects from the contract phase through the closeout phase with respect to the billing, documentation collection and submittals.

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Linda has been with Trifecta since 2011. Her primary duties are organizing and reviewing data for Green Home certifications. She works closely with Dr. Languell in the organization and streamlining of office procedures.  

Linda Ossowicz

Administrative Assistant

For more than 22 years, Dr. Jennifer Languell has championed the integration of green building principles and sustainable design within the construction industry.  Today, as Founder and President of Trifecta Construction Solutions, she remains an outspoken advocate and valued consultant to a wide range of industries that are incorporating sustainable business practices into their daily operations. In 2011 she became the first person to receive the National Association of Home Builders’ Green Advocate of the Year award twice since its inception in 1997.   

As environmental policy and growing consumer demand raise expectations for energy efficiency, resource conservation, and healthier building environments, Dr. Languell continues to help her clients integrate innovative and intelligent business solutions into their operations.  She utilizes a systems approach to creating high performance, healthy, sustainable projects that balance investment with 
financial return.     

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Trifecta Construction SOLUTIONS

Stephanie Thomas-rees

Director of East Coast Operations

​Jennifer L. Languell, Ph.D


Stacy Ossowicz

Vice President of Operations

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A consultant and the Director of East Coast Operations at Trifecta Construction Solutions, her twenty plus year experience in building science is instrumental in assisting building owners, architects, engineers, and contractors in implementing green building strategies and sustainability goals cost effectively without compromising human health and safety.