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Trifecta Construction SOLUTIONS

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Jennifer Languell, Ph.D, founder

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As president and founder of Trifecta Construction Solutions, Dr. Jennifer Languell has championed the integration of “green” building principles and sustainable design within the construction industry for more than 20 years. At Trifecta, we are consultants that become an integral part of the design, development, and construction team offering cost effective solutions allowing the team to make informed decisions about green building and implementing sustainability. Our mission is to educate consumers, builders and contractors about ways to create high performance, sustainable projects that balance investment with financial return.

Company Background
Trifecta Construction Solutions, founded in 2003, is a certified woman-owned business through the State of Florida's Office of Supplier Diversity. The Trifecta name represents the three key elements of sustainability: economics, environment, and community. Trifecta Construction Solutions works to facilitate a future for a healthy environment through responsible business practices that remain true to the principles of sustainability. Our experience, expertise, credentials, and scope of work in sustainability is unparalleled. The owner, managing partners, and founders hold advanced degrees, are professional engineers, and contractors. We work with our clients to determine what sustainability and green means to each project, we assess our clients goals, and provide customized solutions that are project specific. Our focus is return on investment, our team brings pragmatic and cost conscious solutions that save you time, energy, and money and accelerate your understanding of green building to complete successful projects.

Mission Statement
We develop customized conservation-based solutions for cost effective implementation of sustainable development and green building. Trifecta strives to combine intelligent business solutions with everyday operations. Our mission to educate developers, contractors and consumers about creating high performance, sustainable projects that balance investment with financial return. Trifecta Construction Solutions works with governments, organizations and companies, builders and developers, large national public companies and small community groups to provide them with an educational foundation that will lead to sustainable practices.